Pet Heads

Animals portraits on deep edge canvas dripping with layers of luscious acrylic paint.

Pet Heads:  Originally started as 6x6 deep edge canvas squares of dogs only, and thusly named Dog Heads, the pet painting experience has expanded to any pet in sizes that include:

6x6  $100 plus $6.00 sales tax

6x8  $135 plus $8.10 sales tax

8x8  $145 plus $8.70 sales tax

8x10  $165 plus $9.90 sales tax

9x12  $195 plus $11.70 sales tax

11x14 or 12x12  $275 plus $16.50 sales tax

For a more formal approach

Sizes and prices for standard 3/4 inch deep canvas acrylic paintings range from 8x10 at $125 plus $7.50 sales tax  to 24x30 for $500 plus $30.00 sales tax. Prices and sizes may vary. Inquire to Lisa at